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Z Combi – Designed by Privé Aesthetics Professionals

With the combination of Z Lipo and Z Wave, Privé presents you – Z Combi. A revolutionary body contouring treatment that combines Z Lipo and Z Wave for fat reduction and cellulite therapy. Z Combi has shown to be more effective than any other current fat reduction techniques in the market and results have been scientifically-proven that a 30% reduction in fat can be achieved in just a single session.

Effectively reduce fat in the target area by up to 30% with 2 treatments in 1 session!

Destroy Fat Cells with Z Lipo

Z Lipo targets the subcutaneous fat layer – the layer that lies just under the skin – and cools them down to -10°C in a controlled manner. Utilizing the fat-freezing technology to cool down the target area to ‒10°C, the fat deposit is destroyed, but the surrounding nerves, tissue and the surface of the skin are not damaged. The body will naturally remove the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system over the next few weeks. The results will be visibly noticeable 3-5 weeks after the treatment.

Smooth out Cellulite with Z Wave

Z Wave is a unique form of treatment which uses radial shockwave therapy. It produces a mechanical pressure wave that radiates from the skin to the tissue. Z Wave is a treatment for skin tightening, giving you smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin.


The mechanical energy is absorbed by the tissue, which triggers improvements in rebuilding of connective tissues, skin collagen structure, blood circulation and fat cells metabolism.

Significant improvements have been reported across clinical studies in which collagen fibres are stimulated and strengthened. With this painless and non-invasive treatment, it is possible to treat cellulite quickly, gently and effectively without any side effect.


Is the treatment painful?

The process is a virtually pain-free. There may be a slight feeling of discomfort in the first few minutes of treatment as you begin to feel the suction of the applicators. However, it is completely harmless and only lasts a few minutes. To avoid damage to the skin, a special gel pad is placed over the area during treatment.

Is there any downtime?

Treatment requires no downtime and boasts none of the traditional risks or side effects of liposuction and its counterparts. There may be some redness or slight tenderness of the treated area in the days following treatment. Some patients report a sensation that resembles normal muscle soreness.

What is the process like? How long does it take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the number of areas treated. One area will last for approx 60 minutes.

During the procedure, a handheld vacuum applicator is positioned on the treated area, you will typically feel intense cold. However, this cold sensation will soon dissipate. Thereafter there will be some pulling suction, the targeted area will generally feel numb within 5 to 10 minutes during treatment.

After the treatment, you may feel some tingling as the vacuum applicator uses the pulling suction technology to cool and crystallised fat cells. Thanks to the radical shockwave technology which speed up to break down the fat cells will be naturally eliminated from your body.

Can this treatment help me to lose weight?

This treatment is mainly targeted at treating stubborn fats in targeted areas such as abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, lower back or arms in order to reshape body contours. The ideal candidate is one who has noticeable bulges and wants to reduce specific local fat without going through invasive surgery.

Z Combi is a body contouring treatment suitable for candidates who have a BMI slightly above their ideal, practises a healthy lifestyle, who eats a balanced diet and exercises regularly, but have areas with stubborn fat that they can’t seem to get rid of.

Will the fats come back after I stop the treatment?

No, the destroyed fat cells treated with the Cryolipolysis procedure will be crystallised and will be eliminated by one body’s natural metabolism. The results are permanent. No supplements and no changes in your lifestyle habits are required after the treatment to maintain the results.

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